Corporate Event Space Rental in New Jersey

Perfect Corporate Event Space Rental for Your Next Event!

At Grand Central Jersey Events, we take pride in offering top-corporate event space rental that is tailor-made to meet your corporate event needs. 

We are conveniently located in the heart of Green Brook, New Jersey, our spacious corporate event space boasts 1,400 square feet of flexible space, perfect for hosting a wide range of corporate events. 

The main corporate event hall, 19.5ft x 54ft, can comfortably accommodate up to 60 guests, making it an ideal choice for meetings, conferences, seminars, workshops, and more. 

Our dedicated team is committed to providing an exceptional customer service experience, ensuring your corporate gatherings are a resounding success.

Exceptional Amenities at Our Corporate Event Rental Space

Experience unparalleled convenience and sophistication at Grand Central Jersey Events. Before delving into the details of our exceptional amenities, it’s our commitment to provide you with a seamless event experience that stands out. Our corporate event space not only offers state-of-the-art facilities but also a dedicated team ready to assist you at every step. Now, let’s explore the outstanding features that make your corporate event truly exceptional:

Flexible Seating

We provide both 6ft rectangular tables and 5ft round tables, along with comfortable banquet-style chairs, giving you the flexibility to set up your corporate event space according to your preferences. Whether you need a boardroom setup or a more open space for networking, we’ve got you covered.

Design Assistance

Our experienced corporate event planners are here to help you design the perfect layout for your corporate event. They will manage all the details to ensure your event turns out just how you envision it. If you prefer, you can also bring your own decorations and supplies to personalize the corporate event space.

Audio and Visual Setup

We offer a surround sound audio system that can be easily connected to via mobile phones or PCs, allowing you to play music of your choice. This feature is perfect for presentations, speeches, or creating the right atmosphere for your event.


Elevate your corporate event venue with our tailored up-lighting options. Adjust colors and intensity to match your theme or branding, creating a captivating atmosphere. Whether it’s a formal meeting or a lively product launch, our lighting solutions ensure your event leaves a lasting impression.


Our corporate event space features a well-equipped kitchenette with a sink, refrigerator, and microwave. This convenient amenity lets you keep your food and beverages cold and even heat up food, ensuring a pleasant and hassle-free experience for your attendees.


Birthday Party

Birthday Party


Main Space of the venue without tables or chairs

Workshop Event set up to accommodate a workshop

Chairs set up rows of 3 for a lecture


Chairs set up rows of 3 for a lecture


Kitchenette with sink, fridge and microwave


Main entrance of the venue located in the rear of the plaza on RT 22


Rear of venue opens to this balcony overlooking RT 22


Rear of venue opens to this balcony overlooking RT 22

Secure Your Corporate Event Space Now!

At Grand Central Jersey Events, we understand the importance of corporate events, and we’re here to make them extraordinary. Whether you’re hosting a seminar, training session, product launch, or any other corporate gathering, we have the corporate event space and services to ensure your event is a resounding success. Your vision is our priority.

Contact us today at 908-532-3141 to discuss your corporate event needs and let us help you create a memorable and productive experience for your guests with our corporate event rental space.

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